Cosmic Love



Cosmic Love

I will love you forever
Beyond clouds, rain or thunderstorms
Like the morning light that caresses softly the skin and makes the birds start the day singing

I will love you with the vigor of a young man and the knowledge of a wise sorcerer
Like the water that springs from the earth, nourishing the ground with dear life

I will love you like the mother you surrender in her arms, making the world stop
Like the sweet moon that shines with its light, illuminating the steps of your life

I will love you like the sun that shines in your existence, helping you to discover yourself
Like the galaxy, with ceaseless beauty and motion
Like the universe, with wisdom and harmony

I will love you beyond words
In infinite pools of silence
While the circles will be succeeding one another
With every death, a new birth
With every birth, a new death

And while the spirit will be touching lightly everything around us
My heart will be with you
Her pulse will be following you
And through every form and shape of consciousness,
In all the states of existence that there are

I will love you

I will love you

I will love you

Music Production and Poem: by Theodore Bablekos
©2018, Infinity Navigators


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