“All, we are stories … Some of them are already told, some not yet … “


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How I can help you

  • Reconnect with your missed and long desired dreams
  • Acquire flow and release blocked emotions
  • Regain emotional stability and grounding
  • Clear your vision about your goals and the obstacles that surround them
  • Fine tune your practical steps for the achievement of your targets
  • Receive consistent guidance and support throughout your journey for their realization


These sessions were a revelation for me, an energetic rejuvenation.

After many years, I connected again with my dream to become a manager at the company I am working for. Theodoros helped me to outline a practical strategy and steps for the achievement of this dream. At the same time we worked together in laying down a plan to have the work-life balance I always wanted so as to have more time on travel and sports. Thank you Theodoros for these great sessions.

Much appreciated and highly recommended!

Robert K.

Theodoros gave me very good insights about my deeper feelings in the field of work. He helped me overcome some bad seated habits and see clearer the coming future. He gave me very practical advise on how to organize my life better.

Among others, our sessions helped me to see the link between body language and emotion,  and see how to reorganize my life better and be more effective and productive, through awareness and recapitulation exercises.

I really appreciated our sessions and time together!

Angelo B.

Theodoros was very engaging and inspiring for the issue I brought up. The building of the session was perfect, from the first contact, the breathing exercises to the visualization and the discussion towards the end together with the tips and tools he provided. I appreciated a lot the respectful and humorous way he held.
I was engaged towards my goal. More confident and lighter! Somehow things appear to their real dimensions. Smaller steps and everyday contact with my project appears more manageable. Being present and smiling is more relaxing.
I am grateful for that session! Thank you so much Theodoros for the great work!
Gianna A.


Postcards from Infinity

A collection of poems, song lyrics, essays and short stories by Theodoros Bablekos –

Bilingual edition in Greek and English – ©2020

Available in kindle and paperback:

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Cover drawing by Branka Rajkovic.

Postcards from Infinity



Creative arts and media producer

Theodoros Bablekos is a writer, musician, song producer and life coach among others.  He has an MSc in Information Technology, speaks five languages and he is a ®Tensegrity Level V facilitator in training. He has a passion for sharing his creative vision with the world and helping others achieving their dreams.

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