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Postcards from Infinity

Postcards from Infinity


A collection of poems, song lyrics, essays and

short stories by Theo Bablekos –


Bilingual edition in Greek and English – ©2020

 Available in kindle and paperback


Cover drawing: Branka Rajkovic
Cover and book design: Natalia Junqueira
Artistic direction: Theo Bablekos


The Lovers


I will be standing here,

Facing the rough skies,
The winds and the gusting sands,
The swollen sea and the rain,
The scorching sun and the bird cries.

Looking for you.

In the light of the morning sun,
In the glimmering night sky,
In the traveling voices and whispers.

Sensing your presence,
Your essence,
Your companionship,
In the faraway worlds
that you now inhabit.

And I will be standing here,
Until the fire of the stars,
The cradle of our birth,
Unites us again.

Melding us into one.
Freeing us from our form,

Joining our destinies.
Rays of light,
Traveling together to eternity.

 Excerpt from the book :”Postcards from Infinity” by Theo Bablekos

The Jump


Life: A few drops,
Running through your fingers,
And you, all you want is to keep them yours
for as long as possible.

Birth: A volcano, an explosion,
Fire and lava
erupting in all directions.

Yes, the traveler came to earth.
He came to serve on the path of knowledge,
On the path with heart,
Leaving behind him the luminous
trace of his journey.

The boy will let himself be carried away by the
caress of the sun,
Listening to the whistle of the wind.
The song will talk about freedom,
About new horizons,
New worlds and magic.

The sound will be carrying the song far away,
And those who listen will remember…
The time that love is here
and life is complete.

The time where a jump in awareness
looks like a leap to eternity.

The play
The laughter
The joy
Τhe voices
And the light…


Excerpt from the book :”Postcards from Infinity” by Theo Bablekos

Our Constellation - Our Generation


The sun will rise,
On another beautiful day.
The birds will start singing
and the trees will go on growing,
Working, receiving the ample sunlight.

The sadness and sorrow will disappear,
As if they never existed,
Absorbed by the earth,
Scattered to the winds.

And only love will remain;
The only song that will continue to be heard,
As the ants and the clouds
will continue to weave the web of life.

The day will stand still,
Admiring her own beauty,
Wiping away the sweat of her labor,
Bearing the fruits of her work.

And then the night will come,
Bringing silence.
The leaves will fall
and the prayers will begin.

The generations that have been,
And those that will be,
They will unite,

Recounting stories about their path,
Their luminous trail of evolution.

Singing for a better tomorrow,
Dreaming of a better future.


Excerpt from the book :”Postcards from Infinity” by Theo Bablekos

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